Business training fitted to the future you wish for

I create value to your company by developing relevant future strategies – together with you and your organization.

Many leaders focus on wrong things

– or measure too much in a muddle: sales development, turnover, employee satisfaction etc. This causes stress, mismanagement, loss of profit – just to mention a few. In short: it's often a pain in the backside.

So, what exactly do you want, boss?

Where you focus is what you get

Let's find your dream and get the work started!

How to train for a better future

Your dream is the driving force for a better future. And for a better company. So, what's your dream? Is growth your driving force? Corporate culture, management or leadership? Or maybe your better future needs to be created through new business models, entering new markets or gaining new customers? You choose! Our collaboration can take different starting points: through business training, by developing your Board or through inspiring end energy boosting speaks.

Business Training

My method is Strategy Down-to-Earth - easy and understandable. Be strengthened all the way to realize the dream of a better and stronger position in the future. That is: from more to better!


Better growth and development go hand in hand. And a strong Board is essential for navigating into the future. So, let's build a strong navigation room for you and your Board!


The path to a better future must be conquered together with others. Inspiring input from the outside is important to be able to see the future – and a friendly and constructive kick up the backside is often able to remove mountains!

No empty promises and quick fixes - here's what customers say

Performs to perfection

In 2011 Jette participated as management advisor in the development of our ambitious strategic growth plan. Following this the owner group invited Jette to join our Board of Directors where she was appointed chairman in 2013. A role she performed to perfection; always contributing in a constructive way and with positive energy.

Klaus Toft Nørgaard, CEO
RetNemt.dk Aps

A strong facilitator

Jette is a strong facilitator as well as a competent advisor on market, industries and strategic scenarios.

Pawel Nowak, CEO
Prime Food Sp.z.o.o (Poland)

Incredibly skilled and competent

We have worked with Jette and she is an incredibly skilled and competent advisor. She understood the company's situation and needs very quickly and contributed with insights and sustainable solutions. I am 100% satisfied with our cooperation.

Betina Sejr, Sales Director
Agustson A/S

Strategy Down-to-Earth

Where can we go?

Snapshot of your company's world – in the future.

Trends. Possibilities.

Where are we going?

Ambitions. Visions.
Objectives. Strategies.

Where are we?

Snapshot of your company's world - right now. Your story, basic idea and values.

How do we get there?

So what?

Get it done!

Better growth and development are two sides of the same coin.


Together, we are developing towards a better future – always respecting the existing. We build your bridge towards "the new future" based on trends, technology, digital opportunities, market, customers, management, brand and culture. In short: You get the renewal you dream of.


And I promise you: The development is not going to be extremely complex or last too long. Because here's what we're going to do!