Where is the real life?

Stumblin’ in generations, Big Data, IoT and disruption?

Most of us have experienced cultural differences between people from different countries, but often the gaps across generations seem much bigger!

We challenge questions like

  • Who are baby boomers and generation X, Y and Z? Which characteristics do they have?
  • How does a globalised and hypercomplex world affect people and businesses?
  • What is disruption, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), 3D-print and ??

Key words

New generations, megatrends, consumer trends, behaviour and culture – and a little bit of Søren Kierkegaard!

The overall focus of the keynote is to bring knowledge and inspiration. And the purpose is for you to reflect on the impact it has/will have on business models and company growth – as well as the impact on leadership, organisational design, working relations and interaction between generations.

You will surely be inspired to reflect and possibly be provoced. And you will definitely also have a laugh – and go home with a smile on your face!

Two areas in focus = two keynotes

The future of your business

Focus is new trends challenging business models, but at the same time offers a lot of new opportunities.

  • Characteristics of the future consumer market
  • Impact on your industry and your business
  • Impact on your business model and your products/services


Focus is your personal leadership and management.

  • Your leadership and role as a leader – and how it is affected by the new trends
  • How you prepare and train your organisation to navigate in the new, complex landscape
  • How an improved interaction across generations and cultures works as value creator

Whether you are a leader, a colleague or employee, the keynotes are exciting, inspiring, and rewarding.