Leadership and strategy work together

We believe leadership and strategy is one and the same: organisations need clear objectives and sustainable strategies, but this can only be successfully executed through excellent leadership!

All organisations have a need for clear objectives and strategies; if none, how would you know if you perform? And are successful?

Facilitating strategy processes

We are the experts in facilitating strategic processes and giving constructive and useful advice during the strategic development.

The strategic development vary according to content, scale of the situation and timeline. Overall, the strategy process should answer at least four key questions

  • What is the situation
  • What are the complications and challenges
  • Which are the solutions, consequences and impact
  • Which resources does the company possess and need

Execution is your key to success

We do, though, not leave you once the strategy is clear. Through our business coaching we assist leaders and employees in executing the strategy – and to be successful.

Strategic business coaching 1:1 or groups

Our strategic business coaching always takes a starting point in your company or organisation’s situation. Based on that we assist and support you in achieving your leadership and business objectives.

We assist you as a close, but neutral, business partner. Sessions can be individually (1:1) or in groups e.g. Board of Directors, Management Boards/Groups or departments. Very often we work in companies for a longer period and both models work side-by-side.