Bringing New Skills to Your Board

The Board of Directors is an important strategic tool and advisor to any company

The Board assists the owners and the management in creating and achieving the overall direction and business objectives playing a key role in creating the strategy, securing risk control procedures and financial performance. And in securing the right competencies and leaders to execute. 

The value of a Board

The Board creates important value in bringing competencies and “new eyes” to the company as well as challenging “how we normally work”. Apart from the control task of the Board this is actually the main strategic role as the market position and competitiveness of the company should be secured. Smaller companies does also have the possibility of setting up an Advisory Board “to practice” before a real board is established. 

No matter the model the advantage is to bring new people and competencies to inspire and challenge as well as contributing to develop and implement strategies. Furthermore, a professional Board can open doors to new cooperation partners and be a seal of approval towards the financial resources of the company.

Select the right members

Securing the right composition and size of a Board is crucial and Ditlev Consulting can assist you in defining and finding the right members – directly or indirectly through our network.’

Jette Ditlev has more than 25 years of experience working in and with Boards and her core competencies are:

  • Leadership
  • Strategy and Business Development
  • Export and Internationalisation
  • Innovation

Jette is known for being innovative, a challenger of the “usual” approach and creating durable business-oriented results. She has accomplished “The Education for Chairmen of the Board” at Aarhus-BSS/Aarhus University, is chosen as a Board Candidate by DI-Danish Industry Association and is a partner of ASNET Board-Valuecreating Boards.