Who we are

Ditlev Consulting was established in 2003 and is a management consulting company facilitating strategic business development in and with companies, enterprises and organisations. Our core competence lies within market driven strategic development and leadership focusing on growth opportunities to maximize businesses.

We draw upon many years of experience as well as in-depth industry knowledge to ensure quality and success to our clients.

Four reasons why you should consider us

  • More than 25 years experience within different industries
  • International experience from Europe, Australia and The United States; including work and living experience from Germany
  • Advisor and strategic business coach approaching tasks freely, objectively and impartially
  • Good track record as strategic partner and business coach – many of our clients have fast-growth status

Ditlev Consulting is a member of The Danish Industrial Association (DI-Dansk Industri) and a partner of ASNET Board – Valuecreating Boardwork.

How we work

Our approach is always to perform as part of the company’s team; we facilitate and drive the process, but we always work in close collaboration with both top management and employees. This approach provides and secures ownership and durable solutions pursuing vision and delivering mission.

We do not take ownership in the existing company, but perform and behave freely, objectively and impartially.

Our clients

Our clients are both national and international and comprise large company groups as well as SME’s, business units and organisations.

Our clients operate in various industries e.g. FMCG, food, textile, logistics, metal, services, retailing etc.

You are always welcome to ask for references.

Corporate values

We have strong values

We believe that working together in collaboration with leaders and employees provides the best and most sustainable solutions.

Our values are strong guidelines for our actions and behaviour, and are the base of any client partnership.

Confidence, trust, and honesty

  • “It stays between us”
  • We say our honest opinion constructively

Quality and commitment

  • No “half” solutions
  • We have a “We”-approach


  • For your organisation, its history and background
  • For the individual

Collaboration and foresight

  • Joint work creates dynamic and new opportunities, which ensures ownership and sustainable solutions

Our understanding of confidentiality also means that we do not give cases on our website. But you are welcome to see our reference list with examples of companies and organizations we have assisted Ditlev Consulting – References ENG

About Jette Ditlev

Leadership and business coach, board member, keynote speaker, associate professor, mentor and external expert.

Jette Ditlev is the owner and CEO of Ditlev Consulting. She is a M.Sc. Business Administration from Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Science and has worked within leadership, strategy, sales and innovation since 1988.

During her career, Jette has held positions as CEO, Sales Executive, Area Director and Business Development Director – positioned in Denmark and Germany.

Her experience derives from large company groups, big corporations, SME’s and start-ups being responsible for businesses and units with foreign subsidiaries and large sales organizations. 

Today, Jette functions not only as a leadership and business coach and advisor, but also as board member, keynote speaker, associate professor, external examiner, mentor and an external, international expert to the EU Commission and Enterprise Ireland.

Keynote speaker

Jette is an inspiring keynote speaker and workshop facilitator for companies, organizations, boards etc. She shares useful insights, tools, tips and tricks based on both own experience as well as new research, global and local trends and philosophers like Søren Kierkegaard.

Associate professor, external examiner and mentor

Since 2001, Jette has been an associate professor educating students in International Economics and Sales & Marketing. Being an associate professor and external examiner at the Danish universities keeps her knowledge updated and encourages her to be an active researcher as well.

Since 2007 Jette has been a valued mentor for Master students at Aarhus BSS (Aarhus University) and was in 2012 honored through the first “Mentor Award” and in 2017 she received the first ever “Mentoring Honorary Award” for 10 years of “incredible support and commitment”.

Independent expert to the EU Commission and Enterprise Ireland

Jette is an independent, external expert to the EU Commission in relation to the world’s largest research and innovation program, Horizon2020. She is also an international expert to Enterprise Ireland, the research and innovation organization of the Irish Government.

As an independent expert Jette is evaluating research and innovation proposals, doing reviews etc.